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Terms and conditions of service

§ 1 Area of validity, customer information

The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between Sebastian Wesely owner Cihangir Kaynar and the consumers and businesses who buy goods from our shop. Terms and conditions which conflict with or differ from ours will not be accepted by us. The contract language is German.

§ 2 The Contract

  • The offers on the Internet provide a non-binding invitation for you to buy goods. After entering your information and clicking the order button, you make a binding offer to conclude a sales contract.
  • You can also issue a binding order by phone or fax. The confirmation of receipt by e-mail or fax following the receipt of your order does not constitute acceptance of the purchase offer.
  • We are entitled to accept your offer within 3 days by sending an order confirmation by e-mail. After the expiry of the period referred to in the previous phrase your offer is rejected, i.e. you are no longer bound by your offer. For a telephone order the sales contract is confirmed as soon as we accept your offer. If the offer is not immediately accepted, then you are no longer bound by it.

§ 3 Customer information: Storage of your order details 

IYour order with details of the contract (e.g. type of product, price etc.) is stored by us.  We will send you a copy of our Terms and Conditions.  You can also find our Terms and Conditions at any time on our website.

As a registered customer you can see details of your previous orders on the customer log-in area (My Account)

§ 4 Customer information: changing your order

You can correct the input at any time before submitting your order by using the delete key. We inform you throughout the checkout process of other ways to change your order.  You can also completely end the ordering process at any time by closing the browser window.  

§ 5 Return costs in the case of cancellation

You are responsible for the return shipping costs in the case of cancellation if the delivered goods match the description and when the price of the returned goods is not more than €40 or for goods of higher value if at the time of cancellation you have not made full payment or, with prior agreement, partial payment for the goods. You are only responsible for the normal return shipping costs. Additional costs, for example through a change in our place of business or our decision to use a more expensive delivery method, will be met by us.

§ 6 Retention of title 

The goods remain our property until we have received full payment. 

§ 7 Warranty

The warranty is based on the statutory provisions. 

§ 8 Limitation of liability

We exclude liability for negligent breaches of duty where they relate to contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health, guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act.   The same goes for any of our agents and our legal representatives.   Our contractual obligations include the obligation to hand over the goods and give you ownership thereof.  Furthermore, we must provide the item to you free of physical and legal defects.

§ 9 ommercial jurisdictions 

The exclusive venue for any disputes arising from this contract is our registered office, if you are a businessman.

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