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S. Florian

Florian - who historically occupied the Saint Florian was there really. Florian was around 250 in Cannabiaca, born in the present-day Zeiselmauer in Tulln in Austria. At that time the Romans ruled. Florian joined the Roman troops and became a soldier, later officer and Department head in the Office of the Roman Governor of the province of Noricum. At the outbreak of the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire were also in Lauriacum of city Lorch in Austria 40 Christians taken prisoner and thrown into prison. Florian was also a Christian. When Florian heard what had happened, he went boldly to the 40 prisoners to assist them. Despite torture, he had to keep his faith and took the martyrdom of Jesus Christ to along with his 40 companions. He was thrown on the 4 may 304 with a stone around his neck on the Enns and drowned.

Florian - the ancestral legend every legend has a true core. So also the legend about Saint Florian.
After Florian had been sentenced to death, they tied him to a millstone and nudged him in the Enns. The soldier, who had met Florian in the water, ran down the River a piece and wanted to see whether Florian really said to have drowned in the water. There, the soldier went blind. Florian's body but not sank, but was driven ashore. An Eagle sat down at his side and guarded the body to protect him from a desecration by the pagans. Valeria, a pious woman, the Florian found after he appeared to her in a dream. She invited the dead Florian on a bullock cart. When the oxen before thirst continue no longer wanted, the pious woman prayed. There, a source at the, the ox is freshened arose from along the way. Today this source in the so-called Florian fountain flows. Over the grave of the martyr Florian, a sanctuary was built soon. Today it is located there in the vicinity of Linz